Workouts are organized by Equipment Levels and most can be modified based on what you have. See our Equipment Guide to learn more.

Standard Gym Workouts

Equipment: Standard equipment found in most public gyms including free weights, racks, cable machines, boxes, etc.

Basic Gym Workouts

Designed for home gyms.

Equipment: Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX, Pull Up Bar, Bench/Adjustable Bench
Optional: Trap/Hex Bar, Resistance Bands

Dumbbell Workouts

Equipment: Dumbbells
Optional: Bench/Adjustable bench

Kettlebell Workouts

Equipment: Light to Medium Kettlebells
Optional: Heavy Kettlebells

Band Workouts

Equipment: Light to Medium Resistance Bands


Abs, Conditioning, and Bodybuilding Finishers.

Add these exercises for an extra challenge to any workout.

Running Workouts

Short Distance Intervals

Optional: Foam Roller, Massage Tools