Weight Training Fundamentals


This in-depth course on weight training is suitable for beginner to advanced weightlifters or those entirely new to weightlifting. The primary objective of this course is to allow students to experience the benefits of smartly incorporating weight training into their lives and to encourage them to develop and practice skills and habits that will see their continuous improvement in health, fitness, and/or sports performance.

This 36 Lesson Course, which can be completed at your own pace (min 18 weeks recommended), includes all of the basics you need to know to be a successful weightlifter.

  • 4-Week Men & Women’s Weight Training Programs
  • 2-Day or 4-Day Program plus Bonus Conditioning Workouts
  • Video Instruction & Lessons
  • Quizzes & Final Exam
  • Lifetime Access



Course Overview

  • The Purpose and Benefits of Weight Training
  • Safety & Injury Prevention
  • Weight Room Etiquette, Rules of the Gym, Culture, and Expectations
  • The Role of Coaches and Training Partners
  • Movement Basics
  • Form and Technique
  • Equipment Familiarization
  • Basic Muscle Anatomy
  • Setting Realistic & Achievable Training Goals
  • Mobility & Corrective Exercises
  • Tracking Progress & Program Assessments
  • Exercise Selection
  • Exercises Progressions & Regressions
  • Program Design Basics
  • Nutrition Basics
  • The Importance of Mindset
  • The Importance of Sleep & Recovery
  • Integrating Fitness Habits into Your Lifestyle
  • Additional Resources for Learning