Personal Education

Our mission is to transform people into lifelong athletes by providing fitness coaching and education that is stimulating (cool), inclusive, engaging, safe, and inspiring.

Our role is to assist you in incorporating strength training into your life. Hardly a day goes by that we aren't learning something new or improving upon what we already know. There is no end to what you can learn in fitness and we love to share that knowledge with anyone who is interested.

With all the information floating around, we sort thru it, find what's useful, and bring it all together in one place. We want you to understand the "why" behind your own training.

We've combined our knowledge and experience with that of the best coaches and professionals in the world. What we teach is based on both science and proven results. We aren't re-inventing anything, just progressing it. We do it ourselves and so have many before you. Much of the science and research behind what we know can even be traced back centuries.

As you learn, know that nothing can compare to hands-on learning. This information is only useful when you apply it.

Introduction to Training

The course covers the basic fundamentals of training with Modern Athletics.


Learn the basics of nutrition.

Equipment Guide

Learn what equipment to buy and how to use it.