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The Goblet Squat & Hip Hinge

I prepared these two videos to cover the most important movements anyone who exercises should know. They are the Squat and the Hip Hinge. If you’ve trained with me, you know these movements well (right?). The Squat and the Hip Hinge The Squat is a total body movement great for hip mobility, fat loss, strength,…

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Fitness Resolutions – Mistakes to Avoid

These are the mistakes I see most people make when they start to workout for the first time in a long time. Mistake #1 – Doing too much, too soon. Exercise needs to become a habit, don’t get burned out. Consistency beats intensity. Repeat this to yourself daily, consistency beats intensity. Remember, consistency beats intensity.…

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Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines

I never expected to be training pregnant women, but when one of my favorite clients Maggie found out the good news, I knew I had to learn everything I could about the effects of working out during pregnancy. I didn’t realize how stressed I would be over training a pregnant woman, especially a client I…

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