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Modern Athletics is a coaching-based training system. Behind everything you do at Modern Athletics is a coach to guide you, challenge you, and teach you the skills needed to get the results you desire.

We take a habit-based, scientifically-proven approach to health & fitness. Our system incorporates strength, performance, and nutrition practices for your mind and body and shows you how to live a fitness-forward lifestyle that is intelligent, sustainable, and results in steady improvement.

We offer online coaching, program design, and a training library centered around functional strength & conditioning and corrective strategies.

Our Philosophy

Modern Athletics is designed for the athlete in all of us. No one person is the same, but there's an athlete in everyone. Each person is starting at a different level of fitness and skill set so your training is individualized by your goals and abilities to get you to your most physically and mentally capable. For the beginner who simply wants health and longevity, to the fitness enthusiast who makes fitness and performance a priority, to the competitive athlete with the most ambitious athletic destiny.

Dustin Hassard | Head Coach

“For me, the purpose of training is to improve the quality of life for ourselves and the people around us. That's a great power we all possess. I can say that without a doubt, training smartly in the gym will improve your life outside of the gym. And shouldn't that be the point?”

Success Stories

"When I met Dustin at the gym, I hadn't worked out in years, many, many, many years. He sat down with me and discussed my goals and concerns and put my mind at ease that I could accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. When we began to workout together, he explained all the different moves we were doing so that I understood their benefits and how I could do them on my own. There were many times when I thought that I couldn't finish, but he pushed me to go on and I always did. Working with Dustin was the best gift I could have ever given to myself. He is a very talented trainer. He knows what he is doing and he is also one of the sweetest and friendliest people that I have every met. He is a great partner to have whether you are new to the workout scene or a regular. I highly recommend him."

Laren G

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